Some pics of Darren and one of Theo. :) They were both amazing!!! Theo had an incredible voice. He was so cute. I wish I could have been able to get back in to meet him. Seeing Darren in person was weird but in a good way. He seems like a whole different person on stage and live. I was upset that we didn’t get to meet him afterwards. The police wouldn’t let him out until we all left. It sucked and then we couldn’t get back in to see Theo but the concert was amazing and I have some awesome videos :) I don’t care how much money it costs I am going to meet Darren. I also hung out with some pretty awesome girls in line, they were so much fun :D

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Me, trying to escape life.
My name is Chelsea and I am 20 years old. Hopefully you will all buy my novel some day. My Twitter- @dwyer_chelsea

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